City recorder completes CMFO course

Oneida City Recorder Betty Matthews was among 97 individuals representing 86 cities and one utility district to be awarded the Certified Municipal Finance Officers (CMFO) certificate on Jan. 27 in Nashville.

The graduates completed a two-year program consisting of 11 courses covering eight different topics, and they passed an exam for each course.

The CMFO certification was awarded to each individual by Justin P. Wilson, comptroller of the treasury. Speakers at the ceremony included Wilson; Director of Municipal Audit Dennis Dycus; UT Vice President of Public Service Mary Jinks and UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) Finance and Accounting Consultant Dick Phebus.

The CMFO program was developed after the state legislature passed a law that required certain municipal finance officers to be certified. MTAS worked with assistance from and review by the State of Tennessee Comptroller’s Office to develop the program objectives and content. This certification program is at the forefront of programs nationwide that focuses on the role of the municipal finance officer.

(Posted Feb. 18, 2011)