BCYL Player Registration Form

Disclaimer: Submitting this registration form serves as your signature for the following facts:

"I/we recognize the fact that there is a possibility of serious injury associated in the participation in baseball and softball. I/we also realize the fact that protective equipment does not prevent all injuries to players. Therefore, I/we hereby waive, release, discharge, absolve, indemnify, and/or otherwise agree to hold harmless the Bear Creek Youth League (League) and its Board Members, the Town of Oneida and its employees and elected officials, person or persons transporting this child to and from activities associated with the League, against any claim by or on behalf of myself or on behalf of this child in his/her participation in the programs of the League. I/we agree that this child may be required to try out for a team. If the child does not attend tryouts, the Board Members must approve and place the child on a team. When requested by League officials, I will furnish a certified copy of the child's birth certificate."